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    SSH 是一家在现代工业4.0为基础而创办的新型企业,工场设立于 中国·东莞。
    SSH 专业从事高精密金属冷成型模具制造,公司引进国外高精度 生产设备、精度可控制±0.005mm以内,同时 SSH 拥有着一支高 素质、精湛技术团队,为企业发展、满足客户需求保驾护航。
    在未来,我们将以技术革新、品质提升、成本把控,完全致力于 客户的需求,密切合作,使我们有能力和承诺,成为国内外冷成 型企业最佳合作伙伴。


    在SSH 我们要制造出最好的冷成型模具,为客户创造利益最大化


    SSH is a modern enterprise founded in the modern industry based on the new enterprise, the factory was established in Dongguan, China.

    SSH specializes in high precision metal cold forming mold manufacturing, the company introduced foreign high-precision production equipment, precision can control 
± 0.005mm or less, while SSH has a high-quality, superb technical team for enterprise development, to meet customer needs escort. 

    In the future, we will be technological innovation, quality improvement, cost control, fully committed to customer needs, close cooperation, so that we have the ability and

commitment to become the best domestic and foreign cold forming business partners.

    Our vision: 

    In SSH we want to make the best cold forming mold, to maximize the benefits for customers to create.